Any Fellow Petrolheads?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Will89, May 3, 2018.

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      So are there any fellow petrolhead and car lovers on here?

      Impreza's are my thing, I've had two of them. Currently got a '02 WRX Bugeye. Hayward & Scott exhaust system to unleash the boxer rumble a little bit more, not much else done it really.

      That's actually my second Scooby, had a WRX before, a later '03 Blobeye.

      And then we get into my Classic Minis - I've owned a '95 Mini Cooper SPI, loved it to bits and one day, I'll have another!

      I'll upload some pics when I'm on my laptop, if anyone's interested.

      I've had to quieten down the Scoobies over the last few years though, my Blobeye had a 4" Cobra exhaust, which was too damn loud, even with my tinnitus!

      Anyone else? :cool:
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      I lost my love for loud engines with the coming of T to be honest. I currently drive a revamped 1990 Mercedes E-class (which I inherited from my grandfather :p), but I honestly find the engine too loud nowadays. Back in the day, it often couldn't be loud enough, having been born into a family of mechanics. I'd rather drive a Tesla now (if I had the money haha).

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