Any Pillow Recommendations for Better Neck Alignment?

Discussion in 'Support' started by nikkinikki, Jul 15, 2020.

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      Morning all, pillow problems.

      I used to sleep on my side, but like many of us, tinnitus is louder when pressing either ear into the pillow. The loudness is less perceptible with both ears open, so I have tried sleeping on my back instead, but many times I wake up in the night with a visual migraine aura. Not to mention my quality of sleep is way reduced and I'm exhausted in the morning.

      Note that my original noise-induced tones aren't really a problem, a newer, louder tone is causing the most distress. I have a feeling my overall daytime posture, weak core muscles, and very hard/tight neck muscles have much to do with it.

      Does anybody know a pillow that keeps everything in the neck all lined up and relaxed? Any personal pillow experience would be much appreciated!
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      Several causes
      I think a pillow is a very personal choice, a matter of trial and error. The brand Tempur makes pretty good pillows, but as I said this is a very individual decision.

      I do recommend you to go to the physiotherapist to address the neck tension.

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