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      I am new to this website but certainly not new to tinnitus. In May of 2015, I recall specifically getting over a virus and one afternoon getting an weird, echo-like distortion when I would talk or hum. I assumed that there was probably fluid in my ear and that it would go away once I fully recovered. The distortion did go away after some time but was replaced with a very high-pitched, ~ 13,000 hz scream in what I believe was my left ear. It felt like it was in my brain though (obviously, since tinnitus is an ear-brain connection gone wrong). I'm not sure if it was the virus that caused it or that I had been in orchestra and played the violin. The only thing that I could recall being loud and possibly damaging was when we played forte in class or during concerts. Until this past February, I had dealt very well with the tinnitus since it wasn't too loud. Recently, though, and out of the blue, I began to experience different high-ranged pitches that were temporary but very intense. Now my tinnitus has become much louder. Everyday I feel upset that this would happen to me and wish I could have silence, since it is very hard to ignore even in environments with moderate external noise. I have tried "sound therapy" where you listen to rhythmical pitches around your perceived tinnitus range but to no avail. I have researched and heard of all sorts of things such as changing diets, Lipoflavinoid, etc. but I don't think these will work. I'm sort of a pessimistic person. :/
      I have heard of a few tinnitus sufferers relieved from this after a few years or whatever, where it just disappears, and was wondering if this is at all true? I'm not referring to habituation, just where the noise just goes away on its' own.
      Being as young as I am, I was wondering if there have been any promising success stories that may or may not involve medications, waiting it out, etc.?
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      5 9mm Gunshots
      So far the best method, for me at least, is to do anything and everything I could to not give it any attention. Mine has gone from covering up everything to me only noticing it when it gets really quiet or I go looking for it and if I go looking for it, it's pretty much the same volume it was day one for me. But if I'm not thinking about it, I essentially don't hear it even though it's there.
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      not sure
      Perhaps give this success story of IWLM a good read as it contains a simple method - BTS method

      Some people do get better by taking a certain supplement. You can go to the Success Stories and read them to get some idea. Not all stories there are based on habituation.

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