Any Tips Moving Forward With Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by kmohoruk, Jan 31, 2015.

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    1. kmohoruk

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      Loud Noise, Ear Infection, TMJ
      Hello Dr. Naglar

      I wanted to ask and see if you had any tips for someone like me moving forward with my Hyperacusis.

      As our previous conversations hinted. The audiologist that I was working with was not a good match for me. While she may have been offering some sort of desensitization therapy - it defiantly was not TRT.

      I have had my first TRT counselling session with Glynnis, and long story short, I see why you say its such an important part of the TRT process!! (I plan on writing more about this in the summer when I post in the "Success Story" section right before I go back to school in the fall ;) ).

      I had 3 hours with her and she did an excellent job explaining hyperacusis, the different parts of it, proper protection, when to do so etc.... and really helped give me some new tools in regards to handling and improving this situation with my H.

      She also did a little testing with my ears and came to the conclusion that she thinks a lot of my T and H issues are actually with my TMJ and anxiety towards issues regarding health (I sometimes think worst case scenario right away) - which I've always had a bit of issues with since I was a kid. She also said the hilarious line "Well Kris, you have beautiful cochlea ear hair! They look fantastic!!". That still makes me smile when I think about it haha!

      So I guess this is where I stand moving forward now.....I have another session with Glynnis booked in 3 months - but we're going to hold off revisiting sound therapy with the sound therapy audiologist (Glynnis does the counseling, and another audiologist does the audio part of TRT) because my H seems to be more mild and has already gotten a bit better with time.

      I am trying to get out more, and have been out on a mostly regular basis (malls, parks, walking along streets). I don't wear any hearing protection, except for in certain situations like the bus and sky train where I wear my regular Bose over ear headphones - it just sort of takes the edge off in certain louder situations.

      Once and awhile I still get startled by certain high frequencies, or loud sudden sounds like a car horn or a loud boom from a construction site around town (There's many!). I am getting better and talking myself down in those situations and staying calm when I get startled, and am getting better at keeping my anxiety in check.

      I have also been to the dentist as well and have had my first cavity fixed!! (as well as two more...bleh). So far they seem to have gone well, except my most recent one that left my jaw and ear a little sore, and some escalated T.

      So I am going to try and live my life, try volunteering with some environmental groups and hopefully return to my Recreation, Fish and Wildlife program in Castlegar BC in the fall ( A small town, so it should be nice and quiet with less BOOM BHAM of a bigger city haha).

      If you have any advice on how I should manage my H moving forward, then that would really be much appreciated! I know you have so much experience with patients with H as well, and I am just trying to get as much information as I can moving forward :)

      Thanks for all your help and advice once again Dr Nagler. I am going to try and go back to living my life to the best that I can!! :D

      Side Note: There isn't really any other TRT place around where I live (Vancouver BC). I would have to either return to that previous audiologist; (I did return the TRT devices though). There is one on Vancouver Island in Victoria, but from what I understand she doesn't deal with Hyperacusis, only Tinnitus.
    2. Dr. Nagler

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      You pose a very interesting question, because in almost the same breath you say that your hyperacusis "seems to be more mild and has already gotten a bit better with time."

      Have you ever heard the phrase "Perfect is the enemy of Good?" It appears to me from your post that you've got a whole lot of Good going for you already. I'd leave well enough alone, if I were you. Why screw with progress??!!

      Wait for your next appointment with Glynnis. If things have not continued to improve, see what suggestions she might have. Other than that, maybe consider not trying so hard.

      All the best. Glad to hear you're on your way!

      stephen nagler
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