Anybody Working in the Medical Field?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dylan, Jan 30, 2015.

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      Was curious to see if anybody is working in the medical field as a nurse or something similar? Does T affect your job? I'm in my last semester of respiratorytherapy school, my T started Jan 5th 2015 just before I was to start my last semester. Last rounds of clinicals start soon, was looking for some input from people in the field.
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      Zithromycin acoustic trauma 2022
      The Doctors on here have T ... and in there bios it explaines what they do to cope .. there on the first page under doctor bios .. also the nurse at the Hospital I talked to has T I asked her how she copes she said she was depressed at first but has kids that keep her going and coping after awhile she got use to it ..keeping busy she said she hardly notices it..your T just started have u been checked for ear wax build up or ETD ..hopefully yours goes away its still early
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      34 years in a hospital. Most of the noises of equipment and the constant low level sounds probably masked my T a lot. Two things stand out - Fire alarms and stethoscopes. I remember having elevated T and H sometimes using stethoscopes. It wasn't the sound in my ear, it was the pressure I think. For the same reason some folks here say earplugs actually work against them. Air pressure probably.

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