Anyone from Rhode Island?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by STi, Dec 17, 2015.

    1. STi

      STi Member

      Just curious if Anyone is from RI? We been having a mild December!
    2. hoper

      hoper Member

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      do you mean rhodes in greece?
    3. STi

      STi Member

      No....Rhode Island, United States.
    4. John G

      John G Member

      Mild december here also, in Toronto, Canada. No snow. Love it
    5. Guest48293

      Guest48293 Guest

      Left RI in '93 for FL. Good for you, hope it lasts for awhile there.
    6. just1morething

      just1morething Member Benefactor

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      barotrauma from airplane descent, noise exposure? ETD? TMJD?
      Maybe us Northern ringers could meet up with the Southern ringers in FL.:)
    7. STi

      STi Member


      Would like to meet other T sufferers in Rhode Island. Who's out there?

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