Anyone Had Frequent Fleeting Tinnitus Episodes Before It Became Permanent?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Thuan, Jul 21, 2020.

    1. Thuan

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      Ear infection right ear 2018. Sound trauma left ear 2020.
      Hi guys,

      I used to have tinnitus on my right ear only. I just realized today that my severe tinnitus spike is due to my used-to-be good left ear developing tinnitus. I suppose that's why I felt my tinnitus moved to the center of my head and that my good ear was feeling full for some days on and off. I remember having frequent fleeting tinnitus episodes on my good ear, about once a week.

      Has anyone who has gradual acoustic damage have these frequent fleeting tinnitus episodes before it became permanent?
    2. asey20

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      July 13, 2020
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      Not sure.
      I don't think I was having gradual acoustic damage, even though I use headphones they aren't at a loud level but I kept getting SBUTTs and then all of sudden tinnitus. First happened in my right ear and then in my left. I honestly don't know the cause though. It may be stress for me. Hopefully this doesn't last.
    3. Tisyuck

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      I had temporary tinnitus for <48 hours after wearing earplugs for a few days on two different occasions last year. This was around late July and Late August 2019.

      Those were my warnings. I knew I should never have worn them again. But because I have hyperacusis and was not living a life of FULL-AVOIDANCE like I should have, and also because wearing earmuffs for hours on hours a day caused soreness on my head from the clamping pressure, I gave them one more try. That third time the T became choronic. It was bearable though 2/10. This was around October 2019.

      But then I decided to continue to wear them and then 2 months later one day in Jan. 2020 I got immense pain from the earplugs and the T jumped to 7/10. It has gotten as high as 13/10. It's still here.
    4. JR2020

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      Multitude of factors
      The three months before I had full-onset Tinnitus I had more frequent and louder fleeting tinnitus episodes. Maybe a couple times each week. I just figured it was a weird little neuro-quirk that I was going through. I had no idea that there was such a thing as chronic permanent tinnitus. I would have definitely taken some precautions (stopped listening to music through headphones, vitamins, steroids) if I knew that fleeting tinnitus was a warning sign for a life-Changing. Although at that point, it may just have been a matter of time until a triggering event. Can’t know.
    5. Frédéric

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      Marseille, France
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      acoustic trauma
    6. ringingfeet

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      Noise Trauma
      I had a similar experience.

      I had fleeting tinnitus quite regularly just before my noise trauma.

      This should have been a warning sign for me. I was using earphones too much in a noisey environment.

      A party was the straw that broke the camel's back.
    7. Steph1710
      Old hag

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      Antibiotics - I think

      I had loads of episodes of fleeting tinnitus, and then it became permanent.

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