Anyone Have Success Habituating to Fluctuating Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Forever hopeful, Jul 4, 2020.

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      Has anyone had any success or experience getting used to fluctuating tinnitus?

      I have bilateral tinnitus (x6weeks) at a really high frequency in both ears, although I experience it mostly in my right ear. I cannot mask it as the frequency is so high. Sounds like a high pitched hiss or at times a ciccada whine. Every once In awhile it will have a pulsatile aspect to it only in the am when changing positions in bed. I have one or two good days and then one bad day and then a good day and then two bad days. And I can’t find any rhyme or reason to it. I’ve tried adjusting my salt, alcohol intake, I don’t drink any caffeine. I’ve experimented with all the usual triggers that people report impacts their tinnitus levels and I cannot find a pattern. Mine even fluctuates wildly throughout the day.

      Interestingly I also have one different tone in my left ear that presented about a month before the bilateral tinnitus. That is due to mild hearing loss at one low tone due to what my ENT suspects was a virus in my ear. The right ear is fine. The tone in my left ear is easily maskable, never changes and I don’t hear it if I’m outside or if there is ambient noise. If a room is on the quiet side I’ll hear more of an echo than a tone in my ear. Like the sound of a seashell maybe.

      But the bilateral fluctuation is crazy. My ENT thinks it’s related to my neck and my jaw and the fluctuation may have a lot to do with how much I’m clenching at night while sleeping and the positioning of my neck. One sort of pattern I have noticed is that it gets a little bit worse as the day goes on and the ENT hypothesized that it may be related to the fact that I’m talking all day and eating (using my jaw)and the daily activities of work and putting more pressure on my neck working on the computer. My physical therapist seems to agree. I am trying to get a night splint.

      Assuming this does not improve, I’m just wondering if anyone has had any experience in trying to habituate to somethimg that is more noticeable and louder at different times? Like how is the brain supposed to get used to that and push it in the background noise if it’s not always always very audible?

      Thanks in advance.


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