Anyone with Tinnitus Experience Tensor Tympani Syndrome?

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Sep 5, 2015.

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      I'm really guessing this is my cause for some issues I experience, but not sure. I've had T for over 7 years, mild normally and only loud if I cup my ears, only 3 months ago did it raise from Noise trauma, a wood saw outside my window (though the increase didn't happen until 5 days later, which is odd in my eyes). The last few months were difficult, T was changing a bit and I notice being a bit better starting in mid August. Since then things are worse and I haven't been around anything I believe was ear damaging loud, so I'm confused...unless 85-90db sounds for 30 seconds are damaging my ears if your ears are already on the fritz and damaged?

      What I experience last month or so was a loud sound that say only registered around 85-92db yet my ears got bothered and I'd even sometimes get a full/pressure feeling.

      I monitor my T all time and sleep with almost no masking even with the increase since I'm used to it from all years before sleeping with T...but last night a sudden drop of plastic case inside a bathroom at the pool, where inside it echoes, hit and my ears felt a bit bothered, even though it was 85db registered, so my phone said. That night, last night...the T was insanely intense...engulfing my head like never before. I've never experienced something this bad. And even today I still don't feel back to where I was a month ago.

      Can Tensor Tympani Syndrome make the T higher after a trauma in which triggers TTS? I know it can cause fullness/pressure ect.., but not sure about a temporary increase in T. I'm starting to feel like everyday generally semi-loud noises are hurting my ears, because I can't explain why the T seems to be now worsening as I try to be more outside and exposed. I should be improving or at least it being the same if I'm not exposed to trauma, so I don't understand...has to be something else occurring.
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      I strongly recommend you see a Neurotologist for your problems.

      TTS can definitely effect T and vice versa. Sometimes its trauma related and other times it can be anxiety. Good luck to you.

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