Asian Art of Ear Scraping

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gosia, Nov 29, 2015.

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      I admit I'm still tempted to scratch my ear in the inside with sth thin and sharp. Of course, extra slowly and carefully, mostly because I'm afraid of the noise. In the entire internet I can't find the info about harmfulness of such an action other than possible eardrum burst or scratching to blood / infection. I wanted to know if the SOUND of the scratch can be harmful ? Of course, I know, nothing should be put inside - at least according to what is said in out occidental culture, but if you look to the East, seems that Asia and other ancient cultures make a whole ritual of it ! I won't repeat the content of the article. I invite you to read it. If you google it, an amazing variety of ear scratching tools will show up. I tell myself ..if they have been doing it regularly for milleniums, can I be damaging my hearing if I scratch in the inside fro time to time ? Cause it's stronger than me and each time I do I feel like shit. Even if I do it for a few secs whereas the Japanese ritual lasts 30 mins apparently. What do you know about it ?

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