At Least 10 Days Almost Completely Clear. Then High-Pitched Ringing Comes Back.

Discussion in 'Support' started by MrBonk, Sep 22, 2016.

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      ETD/Insane sinus congestion/TMJ/mold allergy/dog bark??????
      I'm so frustrated, I had almost at least 10 solid days in a row where I only had my baseline T at a 0.5. High pitched reactive ringing and other sounds intermittent essentially gone. I still had T, but it was like as if I didn't have it at all really. I could hear and enjoy everything totally normal.

      I had a few moments on my days off last week that were sporadic. But for the most part it was as if it didn't exist.

      Then Monday morning I wake up and I could actually breath through my nose what felt like completely clear for the first time in almost 5 months. As soon as I got up and started a shower however. It did the opposite that it normally does. Sinuses, snot, mucus congestion all hit back at once. Coughing and hacking stuff up, trying to gently blow my nose and the backed up air goes into my left ear and opens the E.Tube. Back to the point where I can't even blow my fucking nose because the air just goes straight to and opens my left E.Tube and blows the air into it instead. Which can be painful. My right ear felt more plugged up/achey because of the congestion again and then one of my T sounds came back in that ear while in the shower.
      (Normally I wake up congested, shower and moving around standing up starts to clear it up and by the time i'm at work, sinuses are 70% clear. Then comes the PND)
      After a few hours like normal, things cleared up again. Longer than normal. Had to pop my right ear (flexing muscles in throat) a bit more than normal to make things feel and sound normal. I was fine basically again. I did spend about an hour sorting cans and glass bottles for the recycling we are required to take by state law. Smacked a few glass bottles together several times unintentionally and the sounds they make aren't painful, but uncomfortable. It's pretty much the only sound that bothers my ears at all. I wonder if that could make it spike a day or two later?

      Got home that night, fine. Woke up next morning, congested as normal. Everything sounded normal. I think that one sound was there, couldn't really tell. Had a lot of Post Nasal Drip that day at work and more of a sore throat from that+talking a lot. But ears felt mostly clear, T seemed at same general 0.5/10 levels.
      I just so happened to be talking to a co-worker about it before I went home too. Was telling them that if it stayed the way it was, I could just forget about it and return to normal. I doubted the ENT appointment that I have to wait 5 months for will be of any use for my Ears. Sinuses hopefully maybe.

      Went home, and then it started to come back again, and then the sinus mucus and congestion came back along with it. I almost felt like I was choking on mucus after I got home last night so much was coming out from my throat/URT.
      Figured it'd be fine in the morning again. Nope. High pitched reactive ringing back today almost full force. (Well I wouldn't call it that. I'd say i'd gone from completely habituated 0.5/10 sound. To 5/10 intermittent high pitched oscilating flicker. Sometimes it seems like it's not noticeable, not very reactive. It's not constant.)

      These episodes of long periods of time of 0.5/10 feel like they are becoming more frequent. I don't know.
      Just so frustrating.

      For the record too, i've tried everything for my sinuses. Antihistimines, salt water gargling, neti-pot rinses, steroid nasal sprays for ETD and normal use, not even Pseudoephedrine can completely keep me clear. As soon as I lay down to go to bed or get home from work, stuff instantly gets worse. (I can not go to work and get up and be clear basically while i'm up most of the day. But if I go to work, stay clear while there. As soon as I get home it might flare up. Even on PE)

      Sorry rant.

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