At the End of the Day It Is all About Time, Isn't It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Megatron, Jul 29, 2015.

    1. Megatron

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      Hi all,

      Have had T for 10 years - HELL In The beginning!!!!!
      Did everything - No cofffee, No alcohol, healthy Living etc.
      Nothing worked - one day habituation kicked In and Cannot say when it why.
      I Can hear my T above everything.

      Now 2 months into second habituation since my T got much worse - HELL again but seeing small improvents.
      Just thinking - I Can do whatever omly time Will help.

      Just my Thoughts.
    2. Ann C.

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      June 2015
      I hope someday the researchers and doctors figure out how to help us so that we don't have to wait to habituate.
    3. erik

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      Most likely hearing loss
      One good thing about habituation is that if you have a set back, it is easier to habituate the next time.
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    4. linearb

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      I wonder if, past a point, homeostasis can't really be rushed. That is, if the auditory system changes rapidly and abruptly after a trauma, then there's some "figuring it out" that the wetware has to do, to accommodate the new state.

      So, if anything, if there's every a treatment to speed up habituation, I think it would have to be something that increased certain kinds of metabolism.
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    5. Sleaford Mod

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      This is my hope too. Habituating to tinnitus was a dreadful ordeal in my case and took a very long time. It's good that - in the absence of a viable medication to alleviate the condition - there are psychological approaches to managing tinnitus that people can absorb and apply.

      But even as an advocate of Mindfulness, I would never see MBCT as a substitute for something that eliminates or reduces the volume of someone's tinnitus, and the existence of this method does not obviate the need for a cure, simply because there are people out there who have been unable to habituate for whatever reason.

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