Atlas Orthogonal and Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by luckyman316, May 1, 2014.

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      So, after trying some postural exercises for my upper back and neck, I noticed my tinnitus reduces pretty dramatically. Here are some of the exercises I did:

      That being said, I'm contemplating the Atlas Orthogonal treatment to see if it fixes anything. I know for a fact that my neck's natural curve is gone, based on x-rays I have see. Has anyone tried this procedure? Has it helped?
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      @luckyman316 did you try this procedure? I am also currently considering this.
    3. Codaz

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      @luckyman316 You mean Atlas Profilax?
      I know that my C1 and C2's are blocked, but I dont know how badly it is.
      Can that be seen on an X-Ray?

      I did some of the excersizes too (thanks for the link) and also dramatic reduction, at least for the coming hours :)

      Do you do any physiotherapy?
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      Sorry for the late response. Atlas Orthogonal is a method used where they set you up on a machine and realign your C1 to be straight and in positition. They have a special 3D xray they take which can see both of these. I'd be careful though, realigning may actually cause an issue with your brain stem. I stayed away from this.

      Good news on the exercises. I should go back into this. I feel that walking helps. No physiotherapy for me.
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      I'd like to know the difference between Atlas Prolifax and Atlas Orthogonal. Atlas Prolifax seems more dominant in Europe, and Atlas Orthogonal in the US. Also, Atlas Orthogonal seems to use xrays to ascertain specific alignment needed. But the adjustment method itself ... Anyone know the difference?

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