Autophagy: A Novel Horizon for Hair Cell Protection

Discussion in 'Research News' started by David S, Dec 18, 2021.

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      Autophagy: A Novel Horizon for Hair Cell Protection

      From time to time I read on the forums that extended fasting (dry or water) helped people to improve or even cure severe tinnitus. Among others @Telis reported grate improvement. This study suggests there might be a link between Autophagy and hair cell protection.

      I have done a couple of 72-hour water fasts. I had some short term significant improvements but nothing long lasting yet. I will continue to do this every month or every second month.

      3 day fasts are not too hard. I usually start Sunday morning and stop Wednesday evening. It does not stop me from working etc. The first 2-3 days I can be as active as normal. The last day is normally a little harder but still ok. Hopefully there is also some general benefits with fasting so no matter the effect on tinnitus, this is not a wasted effort.

      For me Autophagy is the most promising treatment for tinnitus and it seems that it can promote self healing.

      I would love to hear you thoughts and wish you a happy weekend!
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      Acoustic trauma - Repeated gun blasts
      My tinnitus is from guns. Severe and constant in right ear along with sound distortions.

      I have tried 3 day fasts and they didn't help me. I hope it helps you.


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