Aviation Headset Provides Temporary Relief

Discussion in 'Support' started by Pb1, Apr 18, 2016.

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      Hi all,

      Just a tip that might help somebody. I have a set of aviation headsets that have noise cancelling built into them.

      Unfortunately these only cancel out noise coming from outside the ear, not inside - if I manage to invent a pair that do that rest assured I shall give them away for a very reasonable price! lol.

      However when I turn them on the noise cancelling system creates a gentle white noise sound that together with cancelling out the noise from outside seems to really help the Tinnitus go away for a bit. It's not long, maybe a minute or two while I've got them on and then another minute when I take them off the T is reduced in volume.

      Just provides a bit of temporary relief sometimes though.

      Hope this helps.
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      Noise impact/maybe seaborn
      I've been curious about aviation headsets. I believe that some of these have oil filled muffs, which would make them excellent for noise reduction. They are tremendously expensive.

      I have Bose QC-15 headphones which are pretty good for active noise cancellation. I'd really like to know how these two would compare.
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      You can get some reasonably cheap these days, David Clarke do some good ones. I'm not sure about oil filled but mine have gel filled pads and are quite comfortable for wearing for quite a long time. I just find that the white noise they generate when turned on is quite a good masker.

      Hope this helps.

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