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Discussion in 'Support' started by Johnnyfootball, Jan 3, 2016.

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      Hi all,

      I got tinnitus in Oct. naturally at the beginning I did everything wrong and listened for it whenever I could. Making me extremely aware of all noise I used to just tune out. CPU fans, fridge, heat blowing through vests etc. I am hyper aware of everything. I have come to grips w the tinnitus and can deal with it. When will my body learn to not be so hyper sensitive to the other noises? I'm sure I somehow put my hearing senses on "alert" but figured it world cease when my attitude about tinnitus changed. No such luck. How do you shut that off? Hope this makes sense to someone.
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      work related - large cage dryers
      my best solution is distraction- a movie I haven't seen- my favorite album playing just loud enough to cover that fan noise- some kind of escape from the daily noises all around- the dishwasher drives my T crazy-makes my mouth water like a dentist drill- Masking noises help alot -when working on the computer I play the Bell Melody I got from Tinnitus Talk. Create a phrase that you can say to yourself when you catch yourself listening to those sounds- It's the T not me. and let it go- prayers for a more peaceful New Year- God bless
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      Music is the worse for me, it makes it so clear where your hearing problems are, and makes it so sad you can't properly enjoy music.
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