Bad bad ENT experience today. Upset and scared :(

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asian, Jun 10, 2014.

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      Ok so I went to an ENT doctor today. He was the most ridiculous and arrogant doctor I have ever seen. I was overwhelmed from the experience and speechless all the time in his office and couldn't believe he was talking like that. I am not talking about his experience, but the way he handles his patients was absurd and didn't have courtesy to talk to his patients. Soon after I entered his office, he told me that he needs to finish it fast as he has to go somewhere. He put some instruments in my ear to check the ear drum and it was paining like hell when the plastic funnel like pipe touched the surroundings of the ear and I panicked. He scolded me for not being still. I repeatedly apologised him and told him that it's very painful but he started talking arrogantly and scolding me again that I am behaving like a child.

      Anyways he told me that there is a small hair on my eardrum and that needs to be removed. I don't suspect his expertise and credibility, but I tried to explain him that it may not be the cause of tinnitus as it started immediately from a concussion and it even switches sides in both ears and varies in loudness and frequency. I told him that I won't be able to allow him to insert anymore instruments but would greatly appreciate if he can explain me some facts about concussion induced tinnitus as I think it's most likely a symptom of concussion.

      I really really think it's not because of that dreaded hair because I know the complete nature of my tinnitus and have been to numerous docs and forums where people have experienced the same thing. The fleeting T, pain and pressure feeling inside both ears and so many fluctuations in loudness can't be because of just a hair I guess. So I was skeptical to believe him and didn't want to risk anything messing with my ears anymore. I was just explaining my situation and he was offended and started scolding again and banging things on his table and telling me that it's my call and I am wasting each other's time. I asked if there is a chance my T would go he shouted " I DONT KNOW" and prescribed some antioxidants and told me to come back when I am stronger. Duh! And I came out emptying my pockets, pain in my left ear,miserable loud T, lost, feeling cheated and bullied, cursing god for putting me in such situations and worrying that I have done more damage to my ears during the procedure. I tried calling the hospital to give the feedback but nobody gives a shit and they disconnect the call.

      I am convinced that most ENTs are utter shit when it comes to ear problems. I request people on here to please take care of their ears and don't let these bustards mess with your ears unless it's very necessary and the diagnosis is accurate. You think they will care if something goes wrong? As if this T alone for a lifetime is not enough? I think I have done a right thing today and I have saved my ears from getting worse. I hope I get over this horrible experience soon. None of the 3 ENTs before told me that it's a hair causing it
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      Some ENTs (or doctor's in general are terrible). The first ENT I went to didn't tell me what he was thinking when he was checking me or why he was checking and the just sent my on my way with some prescriptions and said "hope it helps" (though he did gave me some anti-anxiety meds when I asked for them. The second ENT I went to said some very sexist and inappropriate things to me within two minutes of meeting and treated me like I was stupid and then said he just had no idea and didn't think I was worth doing any testing on and then rushed out of the room with barely a goodbye. :(
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      I seen lot of ent doctors.. one of them is an professor, another one head of department of medical College. . Another one was supposed to be my aunt. .
      First ent.. Professor was rude.. she missed my symptoms dismissed them as physiological illness. .
      Second ent.. head of department. He was ok.. but when I talked about my t he dismissed them saying its nothing and it will go away..
      Third ent.. my so called aunt. . She put me on course of antibiotics and after that referred to me to physiologists to break the bad news. I dono what is happening to me
      Fourth ent.. physiologists husband did a ct scan which was useless for detecting fractures/problems of the auditory canals. .
      I had fifth ent doctor but he only helped me do audiogram. . Not sure he counts. .

      My overall experience. . They don't know how to handle.. so simply dismiss or ignore.. some are kind and humble.. some are rude.. some just want to make money.. some don't have time. .
      when things don't work your way find what todo next. .
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      ENT departments are ok for checking your hearing out but seem at a loss with T, ask them to refer you to a Tinnitus clinic, usually run by the audiology department, thats UK.
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      What an asshole. Mind you , I had a similar experience . My ENT freaked out and blocked the door when I was leaving? I still do not know why he freaked , guess I asked too many questions ?
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      :-( wish i could give you a hug im really truly sorry you had that experience! No one deserves to be treated like that and especially when all you want to do are simply ask questions and get answers and unfortunely ents, audiologists, GP all dont know jack shit about tinnitus. You know your history better then anyone and you say you got it from a concussion he should believe you and explain that alot of people get T from head injuries but instead he sounded like an arrogant prick! Mine was very rude and quick also, and encouraged me to continue playing drums and made it sound like with ear protection my T will not get louder but i was like are you crazy? Good job not lettin him stick anything in there tho! Stay strong and keep trying to get answers until you find a doc that actually cares.. Have you tryed any anxiety meds for the anxiety? I dont know where you live but you could look into TRT too cause it sounds like a lifesaver!
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      Is it a requirement for ENTs to be total jerk offs...douche bags :mad:
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