BBC Radio Discusses Tinnitus

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      Just to let you know that this is the link to the website to listen to it

      or alternatively go onto the five live website and go onto the adrian charles programme and look for 02/02/14 recorded programme....

      it starts a few minutes in to the recording. There is a discussion and interview and then it dips in and out of other subjects then returning to Tinnitus......

      Talking about TRT and CBT and white noise generators and stress raising the noise level in the head.
      Also discussing the fact that some people can have it so bad that cant sleep at night.
      They are playing sounds that people can hear in their heads.
      Also saying some people severely disabled and not being able to work.
      Discussing the fact that stress can trigger it and not just acoustic trauma and also can come on following surgery or TMJ etc....have people phoning in giving their personal experiences. Saying that they cant have silence as it drives you crazy. One chap saying offered 2 choices years ago - one was to be deafened or to have white noise generator hearing aid playing noise so loud couldnt hear the tinnitus........says it goes up and down in volume. Keeping busy and how you should not react to the sound etc..........But now discussing more modern methods....
      Woman says she went to bed last year with no problem and woke up with the noise which was like torture. She couldn't sleep or eat and finally saw her doc after five days. Discusses getting cortisone injections and has now found a year later that apparently it is to do with migraine headaches and can be treated.
      Another caller saying she cant live with it as it driving her insane...she cant useless......saying that people dont understand that cant cope with this noise.
      Another caller saying she eats healthily and doesnt drink alcohol so there is no connection.
      Saying that there is a lot of ignorance about this subject. Another caller complaining that she has had a high pitched noise in her head and told to live with it the ent.......
      Maybe it is worth listening to this article......They so far have not said anything about Autifony or AM - 101 trials!!!
      why not???!!! do we respond to it?
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