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      Hi all!, greetings from Argentina.

      I live with this constant beep in my head since 2002. I don't know what caused it. After many studies my doctor said it could've been product of loud music, an explosion or a hit on the head. But I don't remember any of that.

      By that time I could see an ENT specialized in tinnitus here in Argentina. He prescribed me many medications like Vastarel, betahistine. Also Ginkgo. But nothing worked.

      I also tried a Noise Masker from Starkey. Those therapies work for one minute and then tinittus returns. Buying those expensive devices It's a waste of money, you can get the same result covering your ears with your hands and beating the back of your neck with the thumbs for 1 minute.

      After doing all the things available, the doctor told me to return from time to time to see if new drugs appeared, but unfortunately I couldn't access that ENT, its very expensive. So I wanted to see what real people around the world is doing with their noises. Searching on the internet I found a lot of websites claiming for new therapies, but I think they only try to sell books.

      I hope to find some good information here, something new to try.

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