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      Hi folks, I wonder if someone could give me some advice about this.

      I'm on the last stages of a clonazepam withdrawal (1/20 of the original dose, 0.025 mg, planning to jump in 3 weeks) and have noticed a noticeable increase in anxiety, spikes and a moderate depression. Going through the day is becoming more difficult as days passes by.

      I am aware of the Ashton manual, and it says that after cessation, symptoms should subside. But since the main driver of my anxiety is t (which didn't bothered me that much before because it wasn't spiking as of now), I am starting to doubt that withdrawing has been a good idea, but after two years, habituated and tired of benzos, I really thought that it was the perfect time to do it, but I wasn't counting on these two factors, increased ringing and awareness, and anxiety. Most people report that after cessation, the brain starts to relax and spikes subside, along with anxiety and depression. I would like to know from people who has gone through this, and get some reassurance.

      Originally my t was moderate, after some time it became quieter (was on benzos and ADs). Now, in the last stages of the withdrawal is moderate again, but depression and anxiety is making things really complicated. My only hope is either reinstate ADs (zoloft, it has helped me a lot besides a huge spike at the beginning) or wait several weeks to see if things improve. For now I'm taking an absence from work to ease things and get proper psychological support, but anxiety is making things difficult.

      I really appreciate any kind of personal experience, such as where things started to improve, if spikes are usual during w/d, if they subside, how to mange anxiety... a lot of things to think about. I'm starting to worry a lot, and this is not life at all. A lot of people must have gone through this but it's surprisingly difficult to find information on the forum, maybe I'm a rare case.
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