Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath) Technique Provides Some Relief for My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Mr Possible, Feb 1, 2022.


Did Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath) work for you?

  1. Yes, my tinnitus went away (permanently)

  2. Yes, my tinnitus went away (temporarily)

  3. No, it did nothing for my tinnitus

  4. I'm not going to try this

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    1. Mr Possible

      Mr Possible Member

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      EDM Concert
      First of all, I am not trying to convert any of you. I am here just to help. I am only primarily aiming at the technique. I will give some links as well. I am typing in short form.

      Tinnitus Since: February 2016. I have had tinnitus in both ears. Right ear is B#4 or B#5, and C4 or C5. Mostly B#. When the left ear is isolated with finger, I hear multiple pitches. Right ear's pitch is too high to measure, unsure if it is a pitch. When the right ear is isolated with finger, I hear multiple pitches. The tinnitus in both ears is constant, not pulsing.

      Cause of Tinnitus: I went to too many concert without ear protection. Electronic music.

      Treatment Attempts: Meditation, diet, reduction of sugar, no candy, no or as little as possible of processed foods.

      Bhramari Pranayama Technique: Place both fingers in the ears and hum like an Indian Black Bee.

      Links: [1] Nithyanandapedia: Care for Tinnitus / [2] Nithyanandapedia: Cure for Tinnitus

      I don't know what the difference is between the two, but I can't perform the Care for Tinnitus due to body inflexibility.

      I can almost do the Cure for Tinnitus, the heel has to be placed a certain position and I just can't reach it.

      Anyway, I tried it outdoors and in the train for about 10 minutes.

      Result: I can say there is certainly reduction of tinnitus in my right ear. I tried to identify the musical tones. I did it for like 10 minutes in a NOT relaxed way. I was in the train and on the road. In my house I cannot do it, the walls are too thin.

      You can also look up videos on YouTube and a few articles on the internet.

      Please don't tell me you already tried everything and are convinced nothing works and please don't point your finger to: Medical science have nothing for tinnitus. I know you all have a (a tiny little) hope. Otherwise you wouldn't be visiting Tinnitus Talk.

      And remember: Aim for progress, not perfection. Be happy with progress.
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    2. AnthonyMcDonald

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      Noise induced
      "cure for tinnitus"

      Right lmao.
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    3. SmallRonnie

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      Loud noise
      They have a cure for everything!


      Cure for aging is hilarious.

      It's all the same thing too, some form of yoga or whatever you wanna call it.
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    4. Athens

      Athens Member

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      Did reducing sugar in your diet result in any improvement?

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