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Discussion in 'Support' started by Koz, Dec 15, 2013.

    1. Koz

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      Hi folks,

      So I've had noise induced tinnitus (nerve damage - only properly diagnosed this summer) for quite a few years but its got worse this month.

      The ringing isn't much of an issue, its my vision slightly becoming different (less concentrated) & theres an odd feeling of fullness/blocked in my left ear. When I swallow I can hear my left ear click.

      I've had an MRI scan in the summer and the results showed there is nothing wrong with me.

      I am due to get on treatment next month that will help me habituate & aid my hearing. (Siemens pure micon 7mi). I plan to talk to the audiologist about this when I see her next time, but that won't be until January 10th.

      Does anyone have the feeling I am talking about? Sometimes I can only feel it when I focus on it. Its like one ear is clearer than the other.
    2. Misery

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      October 26, 2013
      Yes, I had the same symptoms. I was diagnosed with a sinus/ear infection. I believe this is what brought on my T.
    3. Mr Registered User

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      You'll most likely get some of the regular ear-related answers (sinus, eustachian tube, etc), but here's a couple of extra ones from left field in the mean time:
      TMJ dysfunction (transmandibula joint). The following symptoms are amongst those on the long list on the link:

      Ear Pain/Ear Problems:
      Also, perhaps Google sternocleidomastoid pain and tmj
    4. Koz

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      Hmm, I've already had vertigo as a result of the tinnitus to begin with. The only thing now is I get the vertigo snaps more often (but that has not happened these last few days), not a full on vertigo attack but rather a millisecond vertigo snap. Don't have any pain and definitely no itch.

      Hopefully its something not too serious and can wait until I see my Audiologist next month. This happening at Xmas time is not ideal.

      The clicking sound when I swallow isn't always there, its on and off during the day.
    5. Koz

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      Okay the fullness/blocked feeling is gone. But I can still hear the clicking when I swallow sometimes.

    6. NeoM

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      I've have always had clicking when swallowing. To me it's normal.

      As someone else noted even your jaw can cause fullness and a pain feeling.
    7. vickilynn

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      Can't remember
      I feel some fullness in my ears sometimes but it's not something I have all the time, thankfully. It usually feels like's it's both ears.
    8. Koz

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      Just been to the walk in center and got checked. Says the ear canal is red in the ear with the problem. No signs of infection as I don't have any of the other symptoms either.

      Again this entire feeling is on and off, very weird. I never had a problem with the tinnitus noise, it was the hearing loss that was the annoyance. But this is more of an annoyance as the click leads me to focus on the tinnitus more, which is bad.

      Guess I'll just have to wait until I see my audiologist next month.

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