Blown Eardrum, Popping Eustachian Tubes? (Infection?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Steven Horton, Oct 8, 2015.

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      A bit of a story, so you can understand what I've done, and can answer my question.

      I have had intermittent, but generally constant tinnitus. But it all got worse when I went on a plane to Fort Benning, Georgia. The plane went up, and my ears felt really funny; then popped. All was well. Three days later, and I can't hear people speak, the tone of my ears suddenly got deeper, louder, and changed with the temperature. My balance was off, and when it would rain, without fail, my ear would change pitch. For five months after that, I suffered with this.

      I was ready to live my life as a deaf person, thinking my hearing was gone, but I would give it one last try. I blocked my nose, and blew into my mouth. Nothing. Harder. Nothing. I got frustrated, and blew as hard as I could. BOOM. It hurt, but my right ear changed pitch, and immediately I felt kinda better. I pitched my head to the other side, blew even harder, and BOOM. My ears are back, but the ringing doesn't go away for a few months.

      For the past few months, there's a popping noise whenever I swallow, whenever I yawn, when the weather changes, or when I'm sick. Heck, if I tilt to one side too long I can feel it in my ears, and there's also some kind of fluid that slowly drains out of my ears. Several drops a day. Only my right ear is doing it, and my right ear was the one that was the worst.

      Am I at risk for the deafening screeching and sleepless nights still? Do I need to worry about this super-weird popping noise? I'll be honest, it never completely went away, it just got much higher pitch and so much less loud. I'm really worried I've got a serious infection. Thank you guys.
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      Have you seen a doctor? I know people have complaints about doctors, but if I were you I would want to have someone take a look - particularly if you have fluid draining from your ears. Your primary care physician should be able to diagnose an infection or fluid.

      The popping when you swallow or yawn sounds like your Eustachian tube opening. I wonder if you also have some allergies.

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