Botox Injection Into Middle Ear Muscles Without Cutting the Eardrum? Possible?

Discussion in 'Support' started by mermaid, Apr 27, 2015.

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      Did you find any more information on this issue? I sent you a PM if you wouldn't mind reading please.
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      Not about botox, but then I haven't been researching lately. I seem to remember folks in Facebook groups like the TTTS one or the hyperacusis research one saying they were gonna get botox but I don't think they gave updates. Or in any case they were from myoclonic people, which may or may not have anything to do with TTTS funnily enough.

      I'm trying to remember the past, to see if 20 years ago, I had or didn't have permanent, yet a lot quieter than now, vibratory tinnitus, to see if indeed like it's described by this doctor in the part where he says shaking your head reduces the vibration. I remember something would happen and change when I would shake my head back then, just can't remember exactly what. It's probable that exactly the opposite was happening to me, that the vibration was appearing with the shaking of the head. In that case it could be another issue entirely exactly what who knows, French doctor says cochlea but obviously many other things are under suspicion like PET. There was a very interesting comment a few years ago in the hyperacusis research group from a guy who injected bioplastic in one ear for his PET and developed exactly my type of hyperacusis (and maybe vibratory tinnitus too can't remember) in the other ear, so obiously it's not a cochlea issue but a chain reaction issue that might or might not involve the cochlea by proxy. Not to mention that it's obviously not a limbic issue like massive cunt Jastreboff says.

      In any case, botox is a tough area to look into, with studies made in the dodgiest of places, like China.
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      Several causes
      The tensor tympani muscle is linked to other muscles in the jaw and neck and maybe moving other muscles, getting cramps, or having those muscles contracted may have an impact.

      By the way, did you finally try botox?

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