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      When I went into psychoanalysis many years ago, I was taught by my meditation guru the crucial importance of maintaining (life long) a soft mouth.

      You must adopt the demeanour of a baby:

      “Lips closed
      Jaws open (comfortably hanging)
      Inside of the mouth quite quite soft
      Throat soft
      Tongue gently laying in water
      (never pushed up against the roof)”

      The only time the teeth should close is during eating!
      Relaxation is actually an impossibility without a soft mouth.
      I am usually a slow learner, but I took this lesson on board on day one.
      From time to time I check the condition of my mouth, out of habit.
      I have had a soft mouth now for thirty years.
      It is actually a very easy remedy.

      It is not something that you do....
      It is something you undo......
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