Building Fire Alarms Are the Worst for Hyperacusis Sufferers!

Discussion in 'Support' started by David Vance, Dec 3, 2019 at 1:34 AM.

    1. David Vance

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      Chemotherapy, imbalances with the body.
      They are the absolute worst! The alarm goes off for forever, someone speaks way too loud over the PA system. Then the firetrucks blast on over louder than ever. It's a nightmare for someone who has hyperacusis. I guess the solution would be to move away, I wish that was an option right now.

      So yeah, the alarm is going bezerk in my building right now!

      Anyone else go through this terrible experience?
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    2. Bill Bauer
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      Try to always have Peltor earmuffs nearby. It isn't enough protection, but it's something...

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