Bupleurum & Dragon Bone Combination (chai hu jia long gu mu li tang)?

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      Hi there,

      So one of my closest family friends is Chinese and they were concerned about my current condition and took me to see a Chinese doctor. They had 2 other family members who had T and found reductions thru TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). So after the exam, he suggesting this formula called Bupleurum & Dragon Bone Combination (chai hu jia long gu mu li tang). Its put together by himself but the formula originates from Zhang Zhongjing back in year 200. I was wondering if anyone has tried anything similar to this. I know there is another common Chinese formula called Er Long for T, but I was prescribed this because, what he said, the pressure in my head is off balance. I did look up this formula, as did my friend, and it was comprised by one of China's oldest and greatest TCM doctors. And T is repeatedly and aliment its used for. If TCM helped their dads T and aunts T, then why not? I looked up each ingredient to make sure they were not Ototoxic. I couldn't find any evidence that they were. Below is the list of ingredients and if anyone could tell me if they have tired TCM that has any of these more rare ingredients in common, I would like to hear about their experience.

      I think I will start it in a day or so and report back but I am just doing my part in making sure there aren't any bad experiences her on the board with something similar.

      I see one of the ingredients is Ginger, which has salicylates, but would this be enough to have any negative effect? The combinations daily dosage is 4000mg in capsule form. 2k in the morning and 2k in the evening.


      Ban Xia
      Pinellia Rhizome

      Chai Hu

      Da Huang

      Da Zao

      Fu Ling
      Poria, China Root

      Gui Zhi
      Cinnamon Twig

      Huang Qin

      Long Gu
      Fossilized Bones

      Mu Li
      Oyster Shell

      Ren Shen
      Ginseng Root

      Sheng Jiang
      Ginger Rhizome
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      i took chinese bitters by 'sensiblehealth' about 10yrs ago. it irradicated painful periods but did nothing for my menieres symptoms
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      Interesting, keep us posted :)

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