Buzzing/Pulsing in Ear with Sound

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dan8833, May 4, 2016.

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      Hi there, having a hard time finding people with similar symptoms so thought I'd try here. I'm in my 30s, Started about 1.5 years ago, noticed some hearing loss in one ear, had a hearing test, had moderated snhl in one ear. Mri didn't show anything, steroid course didn't help. Fast forward to a week ago, working near very loud noise and didn't think to use ear protection. Immediately afterward noticed a buzzing in my left ear (the one with hearing loss). The buzzing is directly related to environmental noise and vibration. For example, sitting an idling car or driving a car I get a vibrating ticking/chirping noise at the same rate as the car engine vibration. Wind in my ear produces same effect. I can reproduce the "ting" noise just by pushing on my tragus. In a quiet room, never get symptoms, including nothing while I sleep. Certain voice frequencies make it buzz, as does louder noise. So, it's very predictable when it happens. Had another hearing test, hearing is somewhat worse now in that ear. Ent initially though stapedial myoclonus but now not so sure as symptoms aren't classic. Has anyone else experienced something similar??
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      Welcome to the forum. This is quite common for new T how it seems to react to sound, hence some call this 'sound-reactive tinnitus'. Not sure if there is such a thing medically but that is the experience of many T sufferers when their T is new and unstable, usually with T in high pitch. Some would call this minor symptom of hyperacusis. A full blown H will require you to wear earplugs. I had severe H too soon after my ultra high pitch T, and ya I felt that sound-reactiveness in my T for quite a while. But things will settle down after a while, some would say it will take about 6 months for the ears to settle down & stabilize. So don't panic about the situation. This is quite normal. Have you tried some masking yet? Masking will help reduce the anxiety and stress level so you will not aggravate T further by more stress and panic. Take good care. God bless.

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