Can a Slap Cause Hearing Damage?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hariz Nonis, Dec 1, 2015.

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    1. Hariz Nonis

      Hariz Nonis Member

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      As the title implies, can a slap cause any form of damage to our ears?
    2. Atlantis

      Atlantis Member

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      Regular slap? No it can't.

      If someone slaps you directly on the ear(s) though, it definitely can cause permanent damage!
    3. Hariz Nonis

      Hariz Nonis Member

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      Well I got slapped yesterday (won't say why) and the person's palm landed on my face while his fingers landed on my ear, around the ear lobe erea. I should be fine, right? I don't feel anything different right now, just hope it doesn't change some time later
    4. Moosejacob

      Moosejacob Member

      I got slapped in the face on a few occasions by my mother before as a child. I'm 23 now. These were big slaps across the face that would cause ringing and decreased hearing in the ear. It went away after an hour or so and my ears are fine.
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    5. Hariz Nonis

      Hariz Nonis Member

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    6. John G

      John G Member

      When I was a kid. I was with my brother one day and he started verbally harassing a kid he knew. Out of nowhere,the kids big brother ran around the corner and chased us. Big brother caught up to me and he openhanded me hard and hit my left ear. Wow did that hurt and my ears started to ring for a while,then eventually faded away. Hmmm makes me think thats why I have T now. My left ear is the one that rings the highest(the same ear that the guy hit)

      So many possibilities as to what can cause T
    7. I who love music

      I who love music Member

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      mid seventies
      You'll probably be OK.
      I've taken a few swats to the head. And a few on the ear but the T settled down.

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