Can Adjusting Fully Expanded Foam Earplugs Cause Damage (Pressure Change)?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tisyuck, Jul 21, 2020.

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      My tinnitus, ear fullness, ear ache, and ear pain was induced from wearing earplugs. One day I put earplugs on as I had many times before, but this day was different from the other days in that I pulled the plugs outward a few millimeters in both ears after they had fully expanded. Then continued to wear them for 4 hours. I'm wondering if that is what caused the intense pain?

      I kept the plugs on for about 4 hours that day struggling with pain the whole time until it became unbearable to the point I had to take them off which is when I noticed all of these symptoms.

      I recently read that pushing earplugs in further after they have expanded can cause painful pressure changes. Mine is same concept but opposite direction.

      I had always had issues with discomfort, soreness, and pain with earplugs, but on the day this happened the pain was on another level.

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