Can Anyone Help My Mom Who Got Tinnitus from High Blood Pressure?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hidde, Jan 18, 2020.

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      Dear everyone,

      I've had noise induced tinnitus for about 18 months and have been visiting Tinnitus Talk every now and then since. I won't go into my predicaments since this message is about my mom.

      She has had tinnitus for a week now, due to extremely high blood pressure. She's on medication for that now but the effects of those can be 2-4 weeks out. Her tinnitus has been extremely loud and intrusive and although I do know quite a bit about tinnitus and the many forms of it i simply can't compare to you.

      So she's new now taking the blood pressure medication and she's also been prescribed Mirtazapine and Zolpidem to help her sleep. I know that starting and/or stopping these can make things worse... Should she take any of those two? What should or shouldn't she do in the case of sleeping/trying to sleep?

      What would be the best thing for her to do right now? Since it's not noise induced is it okay for her to watch tv at a low level for 90 minutes a day? Or should she just give her ears complete rest without any tv, phone sound etc. Is there anything else you can think of that she must or mustn't do?

      I hope to hear from you.

      Kind regards,

      Hidde Jager

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