Can Anyone Relate to This?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jason123, Jun 25, 2014.

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    1. Jason123

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      I have noise-induced tinnitus, at a low-to-medium level, I'd say.

      Last week, pretty much every day, I experienced an occasional 'fuzzy' feeling in my left ear, which made me a little dizzy. Not so dizzy that I couldn't stand or walk straight, but I noticed it. It didn't last too long and happened once a day, twice at most.

      At the end of the week, I went to a pub with music playing - not too loud - and because my left ear was facing a speaker I put a -20db earplug in (a custom-fit one). I could soon tell there was something strange going on and my left ear felt unusually warm inside. I soon left the pub and felt like my left ear T was way higher than usual. The next day, it seemed to go down again...

      Sometimes, I wish I just knew the 'rules' with this stuff, you know? Has anyone experienced anything like the above? Thank you for any help.
    2. ashley

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      I have not, but that doesn't mean others haven't too. If you haven't already, I would see an ENT about the dizziness that follows the fuzzy feeling. It's always good just to have a medical opinion on the matter.
    3. Jason123

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      Thanks Ashley. Interestingly, those minor episodes of fuzzy-dizziness have stopped since Friday in the pub.
    4. Joshthebear!

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      Couldn't be a touch of hayfever my ears have been acting up ?
    5. Rhea

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      Was it like a pressurized feeling?

      I have episodes where one ear of the other gets kinda full feeling and feels a bit pressurized...also at these times it reacts a bit strange to some noises like a plastic bag rustling or water running etc.....I assume for me it is a pressure issue in the inner ear...when the pressure equalizes the feeling goes away. Sometimes it is mild and will last a few days, other times it has been severe and lasted a week and was accompanied by dull hearing also. I blame mine mostly on abuse of earplugs lol

      Rhea x
    6. Jason123

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      Rhea! Really sorry to have not replied - I need to work out whether it's possible to subscribe to threads here. :)

      I guess it was a pressurised feeling, although the main sensation was this weird warmth. And it hasn't happened since!

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