Can Going to Loud Parties (with Hearing Protection) Make Your Tinnitus Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sten, May 11, 2022.

    1. Sten

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      loud noise exposure

      I'm a 17-year-old guy and have tinnitus in my left ear. Three months ago I went to a club and stood a little too close to the speaker for a while. Since then I have had a constant high tone in my left ear. I went to many doctors and audiologists but of course they couldn't do anything about it.

      I find it hard to fall asleep but with white noise it is already much better.

      I really like going to clubs and parties with my friends but I'm very afraid that my tinnitus will get worse from it.

      I have invested in custom made earplugs (24 dB). I already read that taking Magnesium citrate before and after going out can help a little.

      So my question is if other members have any tips and experiences to keep tinnitus from getting worse?

      Next year I'm a first-year student in college, is it still possible to go to loud parties regularly (with earplugs, standing away from the speakers and taking breaks)?

    2. ajc

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      Loud music - noise damage

      With custom earplugs and 24 dB filters, not standing close to the speakers, and taking breaks, you're probably not going to make your tinnitus worse.

      BUT. And this is a big BUT.

      There's still inherently more risk in attending parties than NOT attending parties at all. If there's loud bass music, it can travel through to your cochlea via bone conduction even if you're using hearing protection. And so on...

      You have to decide for yourself what's acceptable risk. If your tinnitus gets permanently worse, will you ever enjoy having gone to those parties? The regret would be immense... Once those fragile hair cells die off, they're not coming back.

      You're so young, you really need to be very careful not to make it worse for the rest of your life. Don't lose hope though, your tinnitus could still completely fade away, but if it does, please don't think you've recovered, your ears will always be more fragile for new damage and you don't want the tinnitus back ever.
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    3. SonOfUhtred

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      Loud lifestyle
      I don’t think you will get a better reply than this! Would you even enjoy going out anyway with the constant worry of it getting worse?
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    4. Michael Leigh

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      Noise induced
      Hi Sten,

      You are young and I believe there is a good chance the tinnitus will reduce with time and you will habituate, to the point where it is hardly noticeable. All this is quite possible but there are some precautions you need to take to make this happen, so the tinnitus doesn't become worse. If you choose not to follow my suggestions then you risk the tinnitus increasing.

      You have noise-induced tinnitus which is one of the most common causes of the condition. Its onset is often caused by exposure to loud noise and listening to audio through headphones, earbuds and headsets at too high a volume, often without realizing it or using them for long periods of time without giving the ears sufficient rest.

      I advise you not to listen to any type of audio through headphones, earbuds or headsets even at low volume for at least 6 months from now, one year would be better. Ordinarily I advise people never to use headphones again once they have noise-induced tinnitus but I realize you are young and this might be difficult. Therefore, if your tinnitus reduces to the point where you are quite comfortable with it and you decide to use headphones, please keep the volume as low as possible and take frequent breaks to give your ears a rest. Failure to do this risks making your tinnitus worse and it can believe me.

      Please do not put your trust in earplugs, even professional moulded types. If external sound is loud enough it will pass through your head and transfer to your inner ear by bone conduction and spike the tinnitus. If you are fortunate, the spike might reduce the tinnitus to baseline level or increase the tinnitus to a new permanent one.

      I suggest that you keep away from clubs for at least 6 months from now. I know this seems drastic but I am trying to make you understand that this type of tinnitus can change quickly and is very unforgiving when it reaches severe levels. It can seriously affect a person's mental and emotional wellbeing to the point they are unable to do simple everyday tasks due to the severity of the condition. I don't want you to have to go through this, so please listen.

      Try to avoid quiet rooms and surroundings especially at night by using low level sound enrichment. Please click on the links below and read my posts, where more is explained about this.

      Try not to worry too much as I think you will make a good recovery in time.

      All the best,

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    5. Rockman

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      Noise, allergy
      I'd hold off on loud parties for a few months.
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    6. Poseidon65

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      A loud live music show
      Honestly, I would use foam earplugs anywhere with loud, amplified music. It doesn’t sound as good, but much lower risk IMO.
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    7. Anthem

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      Likely Noise-induced, from One-time concert
      Speaking from my experience here - I would give it a few months (it took about 4 months for me), or however long is needed for the other prominent signs of acoustic trauma to go away (aural fullness, ear pain, sensitivity to sounds, distortions), before even considering going to a loud event. If you do go to a loud event, I would wear earplugs without a doubt. It is very likely your tinnitus will be the last symptom to fade, and you would not want to make it worse.

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