Can I Get Your Thoughts? Sounds Are Muffled and I Have Ringing. Impacted Wisdom Tooth.

Discussion in 'Support' started by foxtrotpapa, Mar 25, 2015.

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      I'm not going to drag this out too long I hope but I wanted to see if anyone has experienced similar symptoms (I guess?) to me.

      For 3-4 days now I've had my left ear I'd say 50% blocked, sounds are muffled and on top of that there's the ringing. It's quiet sometimes, but also loud at different times. I feel kind of stuffy and obviously out of whack with one ear going haywire. Sounds sound funny and 'off'...

      I went to urgent care this AM and saw an MD, he checked both ears and both looked great. He then proceeded to scan my mouth and right away saw my wisdom teeth were erupting and impacted, and thinks this is the cause for the sudden onset of the fullness and ringing.

      I'm going for a CT scan hopefully tomorrow with my dentist to possibly look into a wisdom teeth extraction. I've read a few things about the proximity of wisdom teeth to the ear and TMJ, and that they can cause T and ear issues. I'm praying it's not permanent...

      Has anyone experienced anything like this?! I'm a 21 year old male, by the way

      Thanks, everyone. I'm just incredibly nervous..
    2. Best of luck to you @foxtrotpapa I hope you can find some relief. You are so early onset that perhaps it will be resolved soon. I did have some TMD issues, but treatment didn't clear up the ringing. The proximity of the ear to TMJs can certainly cause ringing in some cases. Good to get it all checked out. Let us know how it goes.
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      Thank you @svintegrity ! I appreciate the kind words. How would you rate your T now? It's been over a year? The idea of it being perpetual scares the you know what out of me
    4. @foxtrotpapa My T is a really special case. A neuro-radiologist discovered that I have a vascular loop coursing into my internal meatus compressing the auditory nerve and displacing the vestibular nerve. You are so early onset, with a lot to explore that your T may be resolved quickly. Best not to get too scared, it will only make it seem worse. Try to stay calm as you get it checked out. Easier said than done, I know
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      Had CT done today at dentist...wisdom aren't incredibly impacted but one is encroaching my sinus membrane. Seeing a great ENT next week ... What's odd is that the T almost completely goes away when I lay down to sleep and when I wake up
    6. @foxtrotpapa Interesting about your wisdom teeth. Does your dentist think the encroachment could be causing the T? My neuro-otologist thinks that when I can manipulate the sound of my T through jaw movements that I am just changing the impedance of the sound. I wonder if that happens when you lie down? Is your T gone when you wake up, and then start again when you get up? I hope the ENT can give you some help next week. It is good you could get in so soon.

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