Can TMJ Be on Only One Side?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Koen, May 27, 2016.

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      Loud headset usage , hi freq
      I have tinnitus for about 7 months. Mostly on the left side an ultra high frequency constant tone.

      Now, when I clench my teeth nothing changes, but when I bring my jaw forward, I can create a pretty loud tinnitus signal, also very similar in frequency. The strange thing is that this is only happening on the left side. I cannot 'create' this exaggeration on the right side. Is this a sign that my tinnitus might be linked to that?
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Yes TMJ can be on only one side. I have no idea if your tinnitus is linked to TMJ.
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      Myofascial crap Bruxism, a jackhammer, stress who knows
      Often TMJ will be on one side. The odd thing is often the pain is on the opposite side of the misaligned join. Thats because the tilt in the jaw can pull on the Masseter muscle on the other side of the face and cause it to spasm. As for tinnitus when the Masseter muscle goes into spasm it send crazy neurons to the cochlear nuclei which it share with the auditory nerves. the result is Hissssss or crickets

      Does that mean your or my TMJ is causing our tinnitus. The only why to know is to fix the TMJ issue and see if T also goes away. Nobody can see inside the cochlear nuclei to verily the source. if you have a TMJ issues, then get it fixed. TMJD can cause all kinds of bad things and horrible pains. Go see a neuromuscular dentist and get it fix. not just because it might get rid of T but TMJ issue should be fixed. if it cures you tinnitus then bonus.

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