Can You Cure TMJ?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tinnitusboi, Aug 18, 2017.

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      So I have a pretty intense anxiety disorder. According to my doctor I might have TMJ caused from grinding my teeth and muscle tightness which are the result of my anxiety.

      If that's the case can I cure my TMJ by treating my anxiety?
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      I am not a doctor and of course don't know your symptoms or specific situation, so please take the below as only one person's opinion -

      I would say that the odds are good you could at least treat, if not cure, elements of your TMJ. There are methods and treatments on the market that could work for you. I would encourage you to explore them.
      I grind and clench my teeth a lot - mainly at night, but during the day as well sometimes - and the NTI mouthguard has been working for me. It could be worth asking your dentist about that and seeing if it will be a possible solution for you. Good luck :)
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      Neck/Jaw misalignment
      My T started right with my TMJ or TMD. I have ringing in my ears almost everyday and my ears feel full sometimes. Also when jaw is bad my nose feels full, this fullness jumps all over my skull... The TMJ dentist said its good that my jaw is not that stiff and moves well sometimes.. I'm getting one of those corrective splints in a week and just starting TMJ PT.

      SO my question is I have TMD and my jaw will open 70% one day and like 30% another day... One I clear up my TMD will the ear ringing go away??? Like I said I can tell my neck up isn't aligned properly bc it easily moves around which is good, its not stiff.. Will the ringing go away once TMJ or TMD is cleared up?? Its def all related for sure.
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      Syringing + Somatic tinnitus from dental work
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