Can You Lose Hearing Even with Earplugs?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Deathtotinni, May 2, 2019.

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      Qtip and maybe a sound..who knows
      I went to a party at a friends that was outdoors. There was a band and they were pretty loud, but I was wearing 32 dB NRR earplugs the entire time. I already have hearing loss, but my tinnitus feels like it’s spiked from the party and maybe have a little less hearing, but I can’t be sure. I also don’t know if my tinnitus spiked or if it’s just anxiety.

      I also took ALCAR before and after the party to protect my hearing.

      Is it really possible even with earplugs to lose hearing? I didn’t even really stand close to the music.
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      Could be anxiety. Try and relax m8.
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      noise induced
      Lot of variables, but if the question is if hearing loss can occur with loud noise exposure with earplugs, the answer is yes. However, it is not incredibly likely

      Some thoughts:

      - How loud was the music?

      - Were the earplugs brand new?

      - Were the earplugs fully inserted into the ear canal?

      - How long was the exposure?

      - What was the hearing loss before?

      - Did you drink alcohol?

      It sounds like you most likely are getting a spike and some TTTS after this exposure. At least you can be thankful as you wore earplugs, or it could be worse. On the other hand, this is why folks with noise induced T are often better off staying home from loud events as they can still increase T and hard to say what is safe for any individual.
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      Loud concert with ear plugs
      My tinnitus became severe after a rock concert with ear plugs. Before that it was nearly gone. Sorry but you need to avoid loudness.
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