Can You Make Your Tinnitus Stop by Covering Your Ear with Your Hand or Plugging It with Your Finger?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kriszti, Mar 8, 2021.


Can you make your tinnitus stop by covering you ear with your hand or plugging it with your finger?

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    1. Kriszti

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      One of my 3 sounds (low hum) can be stopped with the above mentioned methods. Earplugs don't have the same effect.

      I asked the same question in an other, much smaller support group and got the result that roughly 15% of those who answered could make some of their tinnitus sounds go away like this. It's much more frequent than I thought it would be, yet none of my doctors could provide explanation for this.

      If any of your sounds reacts this way, please choose yes. I'm curious. Thank you.
    2. AliasM

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      ? Autoimmune, daily headaches, Ibuprofin, BP meds, Virus?
      Opposite. I have to listen quickly then unblock my ears or else I create new sounds which are often low tone droaning solid rings - which I HATE.
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