"Catching" frequencies from your surroundings?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Frederick86, Sep 23, 2013.

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      I'm following the "do it yourself" ACR treatment with positive results, but these days I'm realising something.

      I have two main tonal tinnitus frequencies. The one I'm treating (it gets inaudible with ACR) is about 1650hz, the other is a bit lower, it could be around 900-1000hz.

      With the use of ACR I've come to some insights. The treatment is designed to cause auditory cortex plasticity so the changes reduce the tinnitus frequency treated.

      That plasticity has made my other tone (the one about 1000hz) to raise its volume slightly at times. There was a moment that I though the volume was too high, went to a quiet room, it seemed lower, then I realised that the tone was EXACTLY the same that one emitted by my computer (probably the CPU or one of the cards, I don't know).

      Also, the tone I'm treating (the one about 1650hz) I had previously noticed that was a similar frequency to one emitted by my very noisy fridge motor (I sleep in a room next to the kitchen).

      Now I'm trying to limit my computer time taking many breaks, and unplugging both computer and fridge while I sleep. The lower tone is also starting to improve.

      Someone has "catched" tones from electronics or motors in their enviroment? Is there a way of desensitizing the brain to this, maybe with a TRT like treatment as for hyperacusia? Or will I have to avoid these kinds of sounds forever?
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      I have a "spinning wheel" sound in my right ear that sounds exactly like my external hard drive that i sleep next to..

      Maybe my ears have "picked it up"?

      I read about a guy who had a baseball game as tinnitus. sometimes he heard the stadium speaker in his ears.
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      This is interesting, as I have a head noise separate from the ear ringing (which has gone quite low at times) that is similar to the tone of my computer hard drive. But I don't know if this is pure coincidence since it keeps changing and seems to have a mind of its own.
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      2000, new outbreak in 07/2013
      Very interesting indeed... it seems that some of my T sounds sometimes also imitate my noisy fridge! :cautious:
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      I've slept in my room with external hard drives switched on for years. Its only recently that I properly noticed my T that I've been switching them off when I sleep and they have defiantly been hiding the T. Dunno whether it's better to sleep with them on or keep them off.
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      overuse of hearing protection, plus noise
      I noticed something similar when I was trialing the neuromonics serenade or whatever - when I started using MN, sometimes when I was trying to get to sleep my brain would created the NM sounds a few times. I think they say to play the NM as quiet as you can hear it - are you doing that? I play the NM DIY as quiet as I can hear it, and so far I'm slowly getting better.
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      Not sure
      I've noticed this frequently, especially when my tinnitus has disappeared completely. I seem to then 'pick up' the buzzy rain noise (that I have playing almost constantly so that I'm not in silence). I'm convinced that my brain is emulating it. Sometimes, when this happens, I move into a different room and it gets quieter & then goes away. Unfortunately this isn't the case every time - my tinnitus 'testing' is made far more complex because neither it nor anything associated with it, is consistent in sound, volume or existence.

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