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Discussion in 'Support' started by mickstery, Mar 4, 2014.

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      I developed hi pitched tinnitus back in OCT 2013 , I have been to the doctors several times for this and got antibiotics for infection , wait and see if it goes away and more recently a reluctant referral to an ENT that I'm still waiting on .

      Just recently (the past 3 days) I have developed pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear, it sounds like soft steps in the snow, in time with my heart beat. It stops when I turn my head a certain way or clench my jaw.

      On research of this symptom I am quite concerned about the cause could be. I am making another appointment with my GP and even looking into a private MRI scan.

      Does anyone have any words of wisdom ? Am I being over anxious?

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      Hello:) Normally Tinnitus is not life threatening. It is simply a symptom of various causes. Most common cause is hearing loss or nerve damage caused by loud music/noise, medications, otosclerosis. Also, infections, stress, depression could cause it. VERY rarely it is caused by tumours, but then it is normally unilateral (eg. in one ear) so probably thats not the case for you. The MRI should show that though. Therefore tinnitus is just an annoyance. Around 20% of sufferers turn to the doctors, eg. most people habituate naturally. In about 5% or less of the cases it becomes severe enough to interfere with everyday life. I advise you to avoid all loud noise (if you go out, wear plugs - if you search around this site you will find lots of information about which plugs to use and where to use them). Try to relax, do sports, eat healthy food. Also, if necessary, mask it with white noise or mild music.
      If it changes the sound when you turn your head or clench your jaw maybe there is a more simple solution behind it, such as muscle tension or problems with blood vessels. Speak about it to your doctor. Maybe massages would help.
      Also, it is normal to be anxious about it but for me the best thing is focusing on other things and not thinking about it. There is no treatment for tinnitus and most of us have to accept it. I've noticed that if I have a busy day I dont really notice it and it becomes very quiet then:)
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      Thanks Stina, comforting to know it may not be ask tremor as I fear :)
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      Hi, Mickstery,

      I agree with Stina's comments above. Like you, I have both a high-ptiched ringing/hissing tinnitus, and pulsatile tinnitus, both of which are in my right ear only. In most cases, this is not a symptom of anything serious. I've had a CT scan, an MRI and MRA with contrast, and a Doppler of the carotid arteries. All the tests turned up nothing unusual.

      Since yours changes or goes away when you turn your head or clench your jaw, it's possible yours is muscle or jaw related. Have you had any sort of jaw pain? Perhaps you could have TMJ. Or, have you had any recent dental work done? Sometimes dental procedures can trigger such a reaction.

      Most likely, there is nothing seriously wrong and it will be just an annoyance. However, it's good that you're planning to see your doctor soon.

      I wish you well, and certainly understand what you're going through right now!

      Best wishes,
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