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Discussion in 'Support' started by Brynola, Nov 28, 2011.

    1. Brynola

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      I began experiencing tinnitus about two months ago. It's much more pronounced in my left ear, particularly when I yawn or move my jaw a certain way. I have mild high frequency hearing loss. My ENT physician told me it was probably linked to my caffeine consumption. I know there's a lot of anecdotal evidence linking caffeine to tinnitus, but I also know there was a recent study in the UK that found no correlation. Has anyone had relief by cutting out caffeine? In addition, the past two weeks or so, I've been having neck and jaw pain and tension. My doctor thinks that the tinnitus is making me clench my jaw when I sleep, but I get the symptoms during the day as well. I know that TMJD has been linked to tinnitus. Has anyone experienced the onset of other TMJD symptoms - pain in the jaw, neck, etc., - after the tinnitus started?

      Thanks very much.
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      Hi Brynola!

      That's about the time I starting recogninzing I had tinnitus too. I have it more pronounced on the left ear as well.

      I stopped all caffeine about a month ago.

      My dentist gave me a mouth guard about a year ago to wear when I sleep as he said I was clenching my jaws - more so when I sleep. So, I started noticing that aspect and have to relax my jaw when I notice I am doing it.

      I don't have TMJ though. Nor do I have any neck or other pain. Sorry I couldn't help out with your questions.
    3. AUTHOR

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      Thanks, Calin. That's actually helpful, as it suggests maybe I'm just clenching for a reason other than TMJD, as my ENT suggested. Let me know if cutting out the caffeine helps - I am just weaning myself off slowly.
    4. calin

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      Hi again Brynola!

      I cut the caffeine as I stopped my high blood pressure medication and I wanted to prove to myself that I could handle my hypertension naturally and without drugs. I obviously still have tinnitus even without caffeine.

      The hypertension-ness in me is probably the reason I clench. I notice it during the day and I have to loosen my jaw. I have done it for years I guess. Habits! Go figure!!

      I noticed that the sound therapy site has one for TMJ. You may want to consider calling the number and talk to
      Dick. And no, I don't have interest in the company! The 3 reviews on there indicate to me that some are finding relief. here is the link. I hope I am not doing something not approved by offering the link. Let me know someone and I won't do it again.

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