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Discussion in 'Support' started by dfl, Aug 11, 2015.

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      exposure to explosions/stress/who knows?
      Who knows what ultimately causes T, but before mine started, I visited a healer type guy who a friend wanted me to meet. He said my "head looked like it was sitting strangely" and did some pretty painful cranial sacral manipulations on my skull behind my right ear- The following week was a hellish ride of vertigo that found it's apex in my "T" onset. I don't know why I didn't put two and two together- but last week I went to a chiro (a good one) and he was tripped out about my neck and my c1-3- he adjusted my neck and even did work inside my jaw and pallet and the dizziness has stopped (but not the "T")
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      not sure
      Welcome dfl. Chiro generally do a good job. There are chiros who specialize in manipulation for tinnitus. You may want to get referral to see a TMJ specialist to make sure the guy which did some crazy manipulation on your skull didn't misalign your jaws. TMJ problem is a known cause for T. So it is worth the effort to check it out to make sure the jaws are ok. Hope you will feel well soon. Take care & God bless your recovery.
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      Man, all of your symptoms (dizziness, vertigo, pain, tinnitus) are fully related with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction), maybe this guy did some damage.

      I have read some of your posts, and you relate your problem with stress. For alot of people (including me) stress was the bomb that started it all.

      In fact, TMJ is also fully related with stress.

      I have had T for several years (eeeeeeeeee sound, both ears)... at the begining was a nightmare, depression, anxiety, everything seems to be over. I'm a software engineer, 99% of my work is concentration, I thought i would not be able to work again.

      Well, all improved with time, things improve and T will settle down.

      BUT!, most important is to start to not caring much about Tinnitus, and attending the problems that started it (is TMJ? get it treated). In my case, i understood that stress made it all became worst, but also was stress the culprit for Tinnitus continuing making my life a nightmare.

      I have been working in leaving behind all of the things that caused me strees, and things are improving, I'm most of the time not aware of my Tinnitus, does not bother me, and I can work, read and have fun (even when I can hear it over a loud TV, 24 hours a day).

      Best wishes!

      By the way, i got diagnosed with TMJ and I'm starting to treate it.
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      I've had some success with chiro for my drone noise but no lasting results unfortunately.
      With this new hiss noise chiro work doesn't help at all:(
      I guess it all depends what's causing the noise.

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