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      Hey, I'm new to this place... but not new to tinnitus! I first got it from a loud gig 7 years ago! So you'd think I'd be habituated by now! I did manage to live with the high pitch tone until it gradually began to not bother me anymore, although I always sleep with the TV on or some iphone app under my pillow.
      In this time I have had up's and down's, sometimes it would appear to have got louder, and I'll freak, and then within a few days I'm not sure if I either learn to ignore it or it goes away.
      Anyway right now I'm having a rough time... basically it's changed it's 'tone', so before it was a high pitched noise, which I habituated to, now it's like a weird whistling sound, I noticed at the beach, in the sea air (it seems to get louder above whatever the noise source is) I guess it sounds like a hoover in the distance, but the trouble is, I hear it above the TV, the white noise app, music... which has never happened, and now I'm afraid it's gonna drive me insane, and I own't be able to get used to it :(
      I recently went to the dentist and had to have a couple fillings which were really noisy as they were the top back ones, and the worst was a deep clean, it was so high pitched but the noise went straight through the skull! So not even ear plugs helped! Now I'm afraid that is what caused the damage!
      Has anybody else's changed tone/pitch and have you managed to habituate to the new sounds?

      Thanks, any help is much appreciated!
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      Hey lovely head it sounds a lot like mine at the moment it's like a really loud fizzle/whistle ?
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      mid seventies
      In 40 years, I've had loud times, soft times, high pitches, low pitches, intermittent and constant.... everything.
      Just stay away from loud sounds, be cautious, and try to NOT measure your T but DO measure your response. Soon your responses change (and the T will change).

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