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      Hello mr. Hubbard,

      I am currently in the process of changing to a psychologist that has some experience with Tinnitus.
      My current one does not have any knowledge of tinnitus. I have a hard time finding one in The Netherlands. It's almost like nobody knows what it is. Can you help me what excersizes / treatment protocol I can discuss with my psychologist on T and anxiety reduction?

      I did CBT therapy before, for anxiety. I almost solved the anxiety problems on my own by taking a lot of rest and spending time with friends, and then T started (somatic T because of stiff neck and jaw clenching problems because of stress). I'm now 5,5 months into T and it already goes a lot better, T volume is really down. But sometimes my anxiety flares as the treatment by a physiotherapist is very painful.

      I do not know if the psychologist has a "specific" treatment for patients with T, nor do I know if my anxiety can be fixed. I did some Lorazepam in the past for anxiety, but I'd rather stay off them if I can. I know psychiatrists are suggesting anti depressants as well, but I would like to avoid them.

      Many thanks for your help.
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      there's really not enough space here to go into the details of CBT for tinnitus, though it does draw from the treatments for anxiety which you are probably familiar with - keeping your thinking grounded, facing your fear by activating in valued directions. It's largely about cultivating acceptance of the sounds. You are only 5.5 months in, typically adjustment/habituation takes between 6 to 18 months. Chances are high that you will adjust in time. Again, try to be as soft and accepting of your experience, get your mind off tinnitus and on to other areas of your life as often as possible. If you do an internet search on "CBT for Tinnitus" you'll get some information. Also there's a wonderful, but unfortunately out of print, book by Richard Hallam called: "Tinnitus: Living with the Ringing in Your Ears". Your new psychologist can familiarize him or with these resources.
      all the best!
      Dr Hubbard
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