Suggestions Chapter 1: Don't Panic!

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    1. Suggestions for Chapter 1: Don't Panic!

      Put all of your suggestions, comments and ideas in here and we'll update the guide as we go.

      The guide can be found here Tinnitus Help: The Guide

      The content that goes in the guide will be for everyone. Please consider that this is for people from many different cultures and belief systems - don't be offended if there are certain things that don't make it in :)
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Tinnitus can be hard going as the sound invades our lives and quiet time.
      Along with the sound we can experience Panic and anxiety and depression and lack of sleep.
      Our days can be hard trying get through the day,being a parent or holding down a job and might live alone.
      DON'T PANIC !!!

      There is lots of help and support for you so stay positive and we are here around the clock to support you....lots of love glynis
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    3. bhira

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      +1 yes support! Everyone here is very helpfull and can answer your questions, it is very scary in the begginning.
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    4. Frances Lynn
      Question it

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      loud music and alarms at formerjob
      When you first notice your tinnitus even before visiting the doctor read the Wikipedia entry for tinnitus because there are many causes some which can be resolved immediately like ear wax build-up or fluid in the ear. My initial thoughts about it were that my tinnitus was going to be a permanent condition and that necessarily isn't the case.
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    5. Steve

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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma
      Thanks all so far, text added.

      I'm going to produce a guide for visiting the Doctor in Chapter 3 so I'll reference that, although I added some text here too.
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    6. Song interpreter

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      Too much noise
      As you read through the forum, you will notice that there are a lot of different stories of how we got here and how we react to the ringing. Your story will be different, your cause, your reaction, your coping will all be unique, because you are unique. Your ringing might go away on its own or continue. Don't let our stories scare you! We are all different! Some may be cured. Some may learn to ignore it. Some of us just live with it. But do know we care. If we can handle it, so can you! There is hope!
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    7. Vicki14

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      You know, this forum is such a god send! I've had Tinnitus since 4th Jan 2016 which was probably linked to stress. During that time I can only describe it as a game of 'snakes and ladders'.... Your up, then your down! I could never have imagined anything like this happening to me and it has been a really challenging 6 months. Some days I'm fine, then others, no so.

      I had been coping well, recently, or so I thought, then I started to experience a small pain in my left ear and when I pressed on it, it was very tender. So I visited a tinnitus specialist and he removed a large amount of ear wax, which probably resulted in my hearing being sharper. Since then, I've had some ear pain and a heightened sensitivity to noise, which has been hard. This in turn really made me anxious and as a result take panic attacks. I'm not one for orthodox medicine but I was desperate and took beta blockers for a few days which helped. The anxiety and tinnitus go hand in hand and one kicks off another and can be very difficult to break the cycle.

      I think what I'm trying to coney is panic and anxiety don't help and it's important to try and be as calm as possible. I'm also due to get some CBT Therapy soon which I hope will help.

      I love my life way too much to give up on it and like most, wrestle with it most days. I hope to find a way to live side by side tinnitus peacefully and by being POSITIVE, this can only help.

      Much ❤️ To you all. It's great to know there's support out there xx

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