Suggestions Chapter 5: Get Some Support

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    1. Suggestions for Chapter 5: Get Some Support

      Put all of your suggestions, comments and ideas in here and we'll update the guide as we go.

      The guide can be found here Tinnitus Help: The Guide

      The content that goes in the guide will be for everyone. Please consider that this is for people from many different cultures and belief systems - don't be offended if there are certain things that don't make it in :)
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Tinnitus support available for you in times of need -

      Mental health team
      Crisis line
      British Tinnitus Support line
    3. MJREDDY

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      I would suggest adding "New Friends" to the list of support people... I accepted my T situation and recognized that my generally introverted lifestyle would require some modifications -- and in so many ways I am a happier and better person for it. I've actually made a list of things I have accomplished, places I've been and great times I've had - with people! - that likely WOULD NOT have occured if not for my T. (I'm a writer and product designer who has always prefered alone time. For a hobby, I fly fish - alone!) But now I seek company, enjoy company, and frankly NEED company. I can honsetly say the best "pill" or "cure" for a bad day of dealing with the T is simply this: Go start a conversation. Lastly, at the end of day filled with face time, this introvert is thankful... to be VERY tired. I look forward to going to bed again...
    4. Beste

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      I suggest please go and talk to your close friends about your situation. You will be surprised how many people around you already got it. This is not something one should be ashamed of. In a world with T, we all have some up and downs. If you feel like your anxiety rams up instead of going to your own corner go outside and hang with people you like. You will be surprised the power of support on your tinnitus severity. Feel free to ask any question in TT. We are all in this together and of course we all will be out together from this hell.

      And do not firget to tell out motto to yourself every day

      "We are NOT alone. Just hang in there"
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    5. Song interpreter

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      This forum is a great place for support!

      I have one sound tech at church trying to help me protect my hearing while being exposed to those loud on stage monitors. I try to help her know how much it means to me that someone cares!

      Having a friend in the fight is very helpful!
    6. Zug

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      Get some people to help you with treatments decisions.

      It's great to have emotional support from friends and family (but try not to complain about T and take your mind out of it from time to time). But specially in the beginning, It's very important to enlist 2 or 3 people to help you to deal with this T thing. You'll probably be irritated, maybe lacking sleep, stressed out, etc. You'll not be on your best shape to suck all the information in and take balanced, well thought decisions.

      At 36 years old and a career on advising people, I actually took my mother to an ENT appointment when I felt I was in a really bad shape. Just to be sure I had someone listening to the results, getting info about my options, etc. and really just to be sure I was dealing with a good professional (in the beginning, if you're like me, you'll want to kill every ENT who can't "cure" you). I also talked with my brother who's a doctor in an unrelated field and a childhood friend who also has T about how to deal with it.

      This is not just "feel good" stuff. Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize winner and a leader in the Decision making field, calls this "taking the outside view". There are some situations when you should trust the opinions of others even more than your own, and when your feeling down, stressed, in pain, etc. this is really important to remember. Get out of your mind, and find someone you can trust to share the burden of decision making.

      Taking an outside view can help you keep clear of quacks and miracle healers, keep you grounded and help you not fall into any self-medication trap or even worse ideas.
    7. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Tinnitus support groups are a great help.
      Helpful information given
      Meet others with tinnitus
      Make new friends and share stories
      General chatting
      Have visiting talkers
      Have group discussions
      Can have one to one advice in confidence
      Group outings
      Come away feeling supported
      Phone support also provided
      Relaxation exercises and relaxation chairs.
      Something to look forward to if live alone.

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