Suggestions Chapter 9: Make a Plan

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    1. Suggestions for Chapter 9: Make a Plan

      Put all of your suggestions, comments and ideas in here and we'll update the guide as we go.

      The guide can be found here Tinnitus Help: The Guide

      The content that goes in the guide will be for everyone. Please consider that this is for people from many different cultures and belief systems - don't be offended if there are certain things that don't make it in :)
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Sometimes a plan is put in place if your finding tinnitus hard to cope with and might have hyperacusis and anxiety and stress and depression and finding life really hard.
      You might be off work due and struggling to get through each day and might have young children or live alone etc.

      This is when a plan will help from the doctor and outside agencies and provide a positive move forward dealing with everything in stages getting your life back on track.
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    3. LindaJ

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      Learn what triggers make your tinnitus worse, and try to avoid them. For me I know it's chocolate, red wine, rock concerts... So sometimes I just know my tinnitus is going to be bad afterwards but indulge anyways!
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    4. Song interpreter

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      Too much noise
      I am very happy to have someone on my team at church to bring my exposure down to the loud monitors on stage.

      I know a few things that increase my ringing:
      1. Work. I work right under the ventilation system. Constant noise source.
      2. Church. High decibel levels during the service.
      3. My car. The constant sound of the engine.
      4. Fans and air conditioning. Again, constant noise source.
      5. Screaming and laughing children. I have eight children, mostly grown. Nine grandchildren all together at least once a month for birthdays and special occasions.
      But where I live, it was 105 today. And it's not summer yet! Hard to avoid... Sometimes, you just have to live with it. I do bring my ear plugs with me. I also take a noise break. Just have to!

      Check out previous chapter on coping.
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    5. Steve

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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma
      All added - with some formatting to do.

      I'm not sure yet if we should make a diary sheet or if there is already something really good out there. The TRI app is pretty good but may not be for everyone.

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