Chronic Ear Infections After Tinnitus Onset

Discussion in 'Support' started by Robert Logan, Feb 20, 2022.

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      Has anyone here had to deal with reoccurring ear infections, or knows any other adult who has? Anyone struggling with this on top of their tinnitus at times? And any "success stories" of them eventually coming to an end?

      Apart from the crazy long term auditory phenomena we in this group have to cope with day to day (usually to do with the inner auditory system and processing), I've had ear infections come and go ever since my ears were syringed over a year ago.

      I had NEVER had ear infections before in my life; I don't even remember having them as a kid, except maybe once. I can't be sure it was the syringing that did it, but that was the only new / different process I'd engaged with. It's so weird to me that there was a year of tinnitus issues first (from loud music) and then this on top. It was because an audiologist wanted to make sure I had less wax before doing another hearing test.

      They began as bacterial infections, and then became fungal probably because of antibiotic overuse, and currently I am awaiting a swab result as to what is going on this time. As of a few days ago this is the most painful bout of it in a long while.

      Have any tinnitus folks encountered similar...?

      I'm trying to stay calm and not get violently overwhelmed/panicked by all the possible long-term worst-case scenarios.
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      Oh my god, I am having the same issue. This is my third infection in as many months, and 3rd round of antibiotics. They started out of nowhere in last November. I thought it was because water got stuck while showering one day, but I have been careful ever since and still am getting them. My ENT thinks it's because of my regular use of earplugs (I have moderate/severe hyperacusis as well) and earplugs are a necessity. Really don't know what to do.

      How many ear infections have you got in this past year? Any idea how they turned to fungal - not sure if antibiotic use leads to that? Have you taken antibiotics each time?

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