Chronic sufferers, how was your experience during a cold/flu and after that?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asian, Jun 11, 2014.

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      Now that I have this delightful "Tinnitus", I was wondering how it will behave during a cold/flu. Chronic brave soldiers, please share your experiences . Does it settle down to the baseline always after the cold goes away ? How long does it take usually say if a cold lasts for about 5 days

      Is taking antibiotics fine during a cold as it's ototoxic ?

      Positive stories please :D
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      I've had numerous colds in the past 7 years and I have to say that it never increased my T or very very slightly. I was 100% habituated so if it spiked, I never noticed. I also had tonsils (spelling?), took penicillin and everything was fine, no spike.

      I had an ear infection for the first time while having T last April and I was given clarythomycin (antibiotics / macrolides). Then my T spiked and I had other symptoms (loss of hearing, ear fullness, vertigo, nausea, etc).. My left ear did clear and my symptoms mostly went away. The spike went down but it's not fully back to baseline yet and it's hard. I also have new sounds, crickets, alarm, morse code, it's higher pitched... but I have to say that things have improved and I have discontinued using the antibiotics one month ago. There is still hope that things will be back to normal.

      In the future, I will NEVER take any other antibiotics besides penicillin.
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      No change in my tinnitus, and I have had two colds since my T began.
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