Completed Commercial Lidocaine Patch as a Treatment for Ear-ringing

The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate if topically applied lidocaine reduces tinnitus.

    1. erik

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      Washington State, USA
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      04/15/2012 or earlier?
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      Most likely hearing loss
      I have tried these patches for several weeks and had no change. I don't think the dosage in the patch was high enough to make any difference
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    2. Amv

      Amv Member

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      Thanks @linearb! But they are not tinnitus approved right? I understand they are for other conditions.
    3. linearb

      linearb Member Hall of Fame

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      Did you place them more or less as they did in the study?

      The ones in the study were 5%; the OTC ones are 4%. You'd think that if 5% was actually effective, 4% would do something.

      Yes, as far as I know. The things I've done, modified or ingested on a purely experimental basis are legion, but there could certainly be risks associated with misuse here.
    4. Bndsmheowqhe

      Bndsmheowqhe Member

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      Loud noise exposure
      I've been using the OTC 4% patches for about a week and there has been some slight fluctuation in tinnitus levels.

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